Things That Make Our Lives A Little Bit Easier

There are items I find necessary to have around. I’m speaking about those items that make our lives just a little easier, those that are applicable in so many situations.

You know what am talking about.

An example of such an item would be a phone or even a credit card. However, this is not the type of item I have in mind. I’m thinking of the less appreciated items like the your unfailing lawnmower or your air mattress.
The air mattress for example is an item that works in so many situations, one that almost everybody has.

I did a colossal amount of research to ensure the safety of my family by getting the best air mattress applicable to my situation. There are many known cases of children being suffocated between the air mattress and bed base. There are also many reports of poisoning by the very material that makes up the air mattress.

I use it for my bedroom or while out camping. This doesn’t mean that these are the only uses for the air mattress.
camp bed
The best part, I think would be the ability to deflate it. This means that I save up on space, inflating it while needed. Since I use it on so many occasions (I have in fact had to use it for visiting family guests visiting over the last Christmas holiday), I had to choose really carefully while purchasing it.

First I thought of it’s use, thereby determining it’s thickness. I had to choose one made of thick material since it would also be used in the outdoors where numerous objects could puncture it.

I also had to think of the type of person who would be sleeping on it. The sizes of my family members dictated the purchase of an air mattress made out of thicker material since my wife and kids use it too.

The fact that I chose a raised air mattress was a matter of personal preference, although it does make the mattress more comfortable.

However, I’m considering purchasing an air mattress made of thinner material for my children because it will in effect be supporting a lot less weight. Another consideration would be the size, as mine needs only accommodate two people at a time, I chose one three and a half feet wide.

The airbed mattress has many benefits. The most important would be it’s comfort, having relieved me of back pain that has been a problem for years.