A Gift for Our Anniversary

When we moved to Denver to be near our son and his family, we bought a house in the suburbs a few miles from his home. It was in a wooded area, and it was located at the foot of a hill with a lake nearby. It all seemed well for the first few months, but as winter progressed, the sitting area and the rooms on the upper floor became unbelievably dry, especially after we turned the thermostat on. Our son visited us often, and one day he suggested that we get a humidifier to make the place more comfortable. Our anniversary was a few weeks away, and he said that he would gift us one of the bestĀ available in the market on that day.

We received the humidifier on the morning of our anniversary. It was a cool-mist humidifier and quite easy to instal. My husband placed it near the corner where the sectional sofas were placed. We waited that evening for our son and his family to join us for dinner. They came in quite late since our daughter-in-law was busy in a meeting at her office that afternoon. I had cooked a full 5-course dinner, and we spent nearly an hour at the dinner table planning a vacation to Mexico next month. After we cleaned the table and washed the dishes, we went to sit in the drawing room to catch up on the latest David Letterman show. That’s when my husband switched on the humidifier.


There was a soft purr when the machine started, but that was about all. It didn’t make a single sound after that. The room got comfortable within a few minutes, and within 5 minutes both our granddaughters had fallen asleep. Within half an hour, my husband started snoring softly in his couch, and my son didn’t even last half the show; he excused himself and went to sleep upstairs. Me and my daughter-in-law watched the entire program, cuddled up the kids and took them upstairs to their father when it ended, woke up my husband and asked him to go to the bedroom downstairs, and we sat late through the night catching up on latest gossips in the family and her office.

The next day was a Sunday. All of us woke up quite late. After a hearty breakfast and before going to the lake fishing, we stopped near the humidifier for a moment. We all agreed that it was wise to buy the best humidifier available in the market since we realised that we hadn’t slept this well in a very very long time. In fact, we decided to get a similar model within a week for the room upstairs to make it as comfortable as the sitting room. Our son promised to gift this one to us as well, since he said that would be perfect compensation for the fabulous dinner I cooked last evening. Lucky parents us to have a son like ours!
We used the humidifier all through the winter. My perennial sinusitis that would peak during the winter months got relieved, my nasal passages were better lubricated, I no longer had nosebleeds that would be a regular feature during winters, and the best thing was my husband’s snoring was no longer that awful. I later got to know that water would be passed over a wick within the humidifier, and the vapor so formed would add to the moisture content in the environment. We sailed through the winter months like never before, thanks to both the humidifiers we had at home.

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