My List of the Best Cookware

My nieces are now engaged to be married, and suddenly I feel so ancient. I am accidentally a good cook, and this makes me the best person in the family to turn to for cookware advice. I have been using a non-stick cookware set that I received as gift about four years ago, and a stainless steel cookware set that I bought to replace the aluminum set I used to have. Though I have been checking on new types of cookware in the market, I have not bought them. I have, however, used some of them in the homes of my relatives or friends, since I invariably end up in the kitchen.
cookware set
I will just list a few of the cookware sets that I liked. I don’t know if they qualify as the best cookware around. However, they have impressed me.

The first to make to my list is the Circulon symmetry 11 piece hard anodized cookware, which is non stick cookware. I have included this set simply because of the hard anodized nature, which implies this will never need replacement like my non-stick cookware requires. There will simply be no warping, and it can be washed in dishwasher. The design makes it suitable for induction cooking as well as oven cooking. The silicon handles are not exactly perfect, but satisfactory I guess. You get a pouring saucepan of 1 quart in this, apart from 2, 3, and 8 saucepans with covers. The 3 quart saute pan provided also comes with cover, which is again good thing. There are two french skillets as well, i.e., one of 8.5 inches, and another of 10 inches. I think this set is the best for the price, and if my nieces are not willing to spend on this, we just might spend on this set for each of them, as their wedding gifts.

The second best option would be All-Clad’s 10 piece brushed stainless steel BD005710 D5. This one is a rather expensive set, so it would seem. The pieces in these lack the plastic handle, so I guess, cloth would be needed to lift the pots and pans. That surely is a negative feature here, for the cost. I find not details on whether these pieces can be used in oven, so I need to confirm that from somebody who has used them, I suppose. However, the set can be used on induction stove. As to non-stick nature, the set does seem a whole lot safer than many other types of cookware. It is made from the best quality material. I am not sure what 18/10 means but I am willing to take the word of the writer that this means something good. I presume the word D5 refers to five alternating layers of steel and aluminum. The fry pans in this set are of 8 inches and 10 inches. The saute pan has a cover, and is of 3 quarts. The saucepans however leave a lot to be desired. One of them is of 1 quart, the second one is of 3 quarts. There is absolutely reason for it to be as expensive, but I guess there may be a good reason that the set is popular.

The Swiss Diamond set perhaps would be the winner with my nieces. This set is expensive too, but looks divine. The pieces in this set are PFOA free, which is what I was looking for. These can also be heated more because they have diamonds in them. Really? Are we now into eating diamonds then? Over all there are two fry pans, one of 8 inches, and another of 9.5 inches, in this set. The saute pan is of 10 inches. Stock pot in this set is of 8.5 quarts whereas sauce pans are of 1.4 quart, and 2.2 quarts. I am not satisfied with the sizes of sauce pans in this set, but knowing my nieces, they would opt for this set for sure.

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