Knives are the Knights of Every Kitchen

The best organised kitchens are the ones which have the best knives in stock. Whether it is cutting, slicing, dicing or chopping, if your kitchen has the right collection of knives your job comes out neatly and very efficiently. I’m very particular when it comes to the choice of knives I choose to have in my knife holder. It makes my cutting work much easier and of course, faster!


If you possess the knack to reign your kitchen, and want to enhance your efficiency skills of chopping and you wish to become a blooming “Master Chef”, then you should probably lay your hands on the best knife set that is readily available in the markets. I will share some of my personal favorite knives with you, which have become really necessary tools of my kitchen. There are undoubtedly many varieties available, but the ones I’m about to share with you are my personal best kitchen knives.

I would start with my favorite, Chef Knives, also known as Cook’s Knives. These have wide blades. A variety of tasks can be efficiently accomplished using this tool. It gives you a steady grip on the handle and makes cutting on the copping board much smooth and faster. What is the best chef knife to buy?

The Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife is my personal favorite. There is no other chef’s knife that wields like the Wusthof Classic. It feels wonderful in the hand and works like how I imagine a professional chef knife would work.

The Victorinox 8-Inch Chef Knife is another best chef knife to have. I own it as a second chef knife and use it where I wouldn’t use my Wusthof. It is cheap and replaceable, and I must say I can be pretty harsh on my tools sometimes, but this knife has held out so far.

Next comes the Paring Knives. These comes in various shapes and sizes and are best used for small works. There is another knife called the Steak Knife. As the name suggests, steak slices can be cut neatly and even other small jobs can be performed.

Another very useful tool is the Fillet Knives. These knives have very flexible and narrow blades. Usually used for boning and skinning purposes.

The next very essential kitchen knife is the Butcher Knife. If you are a meat lover, and you love to prepare different dishes with meat, then this article you must have in your kitchen. The Butcher Knife has hefty blades which work marvelously for splitting, stripping, and cutting meat. There some other meat cutting knives similar to the Butcher Knife; such as the Carving Knife and the Cleaver Knife. The Carving Knife has blunt or rounded point, with scalloped and granton blade. This structure improves the separation of sliced cuts of meat. The Cleaver is very similar to the Butcher Knife but has a very thin and lighter blade to bring maximum precision in cutting.

Another common variety is the Round End Slicers. It is the best choice of knife for the ones who prefer knives without a pointed tip.
My Next best kitchen knives are the Bread Knives, with serrated narrow blades, designed for cutting quickly.

There are variety of Slicers available. Long Slicers are used for carving meat and the small ones are used for other utility works. You can use the Boning Knives are stiff and narrow and are extensively used for separating flesh from bone. You can try the Sandwich Knife for spreading and slicing.

If you wish to possess a knife that lasts really long in terms of its sharpness then I would suggest Ceramic Blade Knives. These can be used for variety of purposes. They have great shape and provide a good grip.

These are some of my best kitchen knives I would suggest every kitchen should have. Knives after all are the most vital tools and hence can be honored as the “Knights of the Kitchen”. So, my friends, I hope this article helps you choose your knives in a better way.

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