Having The Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

The last couple of years have been tough for us. My husband incurred heavy losses in his business, and we were forced to sell our home and all belongings and move into this one room apartment. The apartment consists of a large hall, a fairly large balcony, a small utility, a kitchen, and a restroom. We chose to buy it as we are not sure of cash inflows. But as you can see, I can’t possibly have a separate bedroom here. Therefore, I opted for air mattress, which we could fold during the day. Size mattered, and I preferred Instabed. This mattress is about 18 inches high.

When I found this air mattress in the list of best air mattress for everyday use, I was skeptical. There seemed nothing really different, and 18 inches height is not exactly what you look for in an air bed for everyday use. Moreover, it was expensive. It was also not famous enough as far as I knew. But my husband thought it is worth a look so we visited the store.


The best air mattress reviews mentioned it is sturdy, and that was the main reason I relented. But over a period of six months, I am glad I gave in. It is truly firm and supportive, which is what makes it ideal for everyday use. Its internal chamber has a special design which includes air coils. I am impressed with that. It is so comfortable because of the automatic pump, although the height is just okay. The salesperson told us that it is a new technology that will make the air bed always firm. She was right. I am glad about the internally built pump in this. This air mattress truly deserves to be in that list of best air mattress for everyday use because I have already used it continuously for six months by now.

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