Decided to purchase a rice cooker

Recently I walked into a mall and decided to purchase a rice cooker after the many frustrations of poorly cooked rice. It seemed rather simple to purchase one, in my mind, until I arrived at the section with the rice cookers. I was almost certain that I was making the right decision, until I overhead someone mention that they are only purchasing a good rice cooker with the best reviews. It was at that point that I embarked on taking some time to actually evaluate the rice cookers and look into the brands and quality. After logging on to the internet and seeking a few answers, I was able to view the rice cooker reviews so as to determine which one was best rated and best reviewed. After arriving at a decision to purchase the rice cooker, it was clear that the value of reviews on products is one of the most important point of sale. Based on the rice cooker reviews, some of the customers were very honest about what they felt and they did not hesitate to even state the cons of using the specific brand of rice cooker.


A good rice cooker with the best reviews had rating that was above 4.5 out of 5 with most clients stating that they would recommend it to other buyers (such as Aroma rice cooker). I also observed that the review system is more or less like a referral system only to a stranger and by another stranger. This meant that only the rice cooker with the best reviews was getting the most referrals, which meant more purchases. Brands therefore have to ensure that every year they come up with an innovative aspect on their rice cookers that will make it to the annual reviews so as to increase the overall sales for the rice cookers.

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