Knives are the Knights of Every Kitchen

The best organised kitchens are the ones which have the best knives in stock. Whether it is cutting, slicing, dicing or chopping, if your kitchen has the right collection of knives your job comes out neatly and very efficiently. I’m very particular when it comes to the choice of knives I choose to have in my knife holder. It makes my cutting work much easier and of course, faster!


If you possess the knack to reign your kitchen, and want to enhance your efficiency skills of chopping and you wish to become a blooming “Master Chef”, then you should probably lay your hands on the best knife set that is readily available in the markets. I will share some of my personal favorite knives with you, which have become really necessary tools of my kitchen. There are undoubtedly many varieties available, but the ones I’m about to share with you are my personal best kitchen knives.

I would start with my favorite, Chef Knives, also known as Cook’s Knives. These have wide blades. A variety of tasks can be efficiently accomplished using this tool. It gives you a steady grip on the handle and makes cutting on the copping board much smooth and faster. What is the best chef knife to buy?

The Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife is my personal favorite. There is no other chef’s knife that wields like the Wusthof Classic. It feels wonderful in the hand and works like how I imagine a professional chef knife would work.

The Victorinox 8-Inch Chef Knife is another best chef knife to have. I own it as a second chef knife and use it where I wouldn’t use my Wusthof. It is cheap and replaceable, and I must say I can be pretty harsh on my tools sometimes, but this knife has held out so far.

Next comes the Paring Knives. These comes in various shapes and sizes and are best used for small works. There is another knife called the Steak Knife. As the name suggests, steak slices can be cut neatly and even other small jobs can be performed.

Another very useful tool is the Fillet Knives. These knives have very flexible and narrow blades. Usually used for boning and skinning purposes.

The next very essential kitchen knife is the Butcher Knife. If you are a meat lover, and you love to prepare different dishes with meat, then this article you must have in your kitchen. The Butcher Knife has hefty blades which work marvelously for splitting, stripping, and cutting meat. There some other meat cutting knives similar to the Butcher Knife; such as the Carving Knife and the Cleaver Knife. The Carving Knife has blunt or rounded point, with scalloped and granton blade. This structure improves the separation of sliced cuts of meat. The Cleaver is very similar to the Butcher Knife but has a very thin and lighter blade to bring maximum precision in cutting.

Another common variety is the Round End Slicers. It is the best choice of knife for the ones who prefer knives without a pointed tip.
My Next best kitchen knives are the Bread Knives, with serrated narrow blades, designed for cutting quickly.

There are variety of Slicers available. Long Slicers are used for carving meat and the small ones are used for other utility works. You can use the Boning Knives are stiff and narrow and are extensively used for separating flesh from bone. You can try the Sandwich Knife for spreading and slicing.

If you wish to possess a knife that lasts really long in terms of its sharpness then I would suggest Ceramic Blade Knives. These can be used for variety of purposes. They have great shape and provide a good grip.

These are some of my best kitchen knives I would suggest every kitchen should have. Knives after all are the most vital tools and hence can be honored as the “Knights of the Kitchen”. So, my friends, I hope this article helps you choose your knives in a better way.

Decided to purchase a rice cooker

Recently I walked into a mall and decided to purchase a rice cooker after the many frustrations of poorly cooked rice. It seemed rather simple to purchase one, in my mind, until I arrived at the section with the rice cookers. I was almost certain that I was making the right decision, until I overhead someone mention that they are only purchasing a good rice cooker with the best reviews. It was at that point that I embarked on taking some time to actually evaluate the rice cookers and look into the brands and quality. After logging on to the internet and seeking a few answers, I was able to view the rice cooker reviews so as to determine which one was best rated and best reviewed. After arriving at a decision to purchase the rice cooker, it was clear that the value of reviews on products is one of the most important point of sale. Based on the rice cooker reviews, some of the customers were very honest about what they felt and they did not hesitate to even state the cons of using the specific brand of rice cooker.


A good rice cooker with the best reviews had rating that was above 4.5 out of 5 with most clients stating that they would recommend it to other buyers (such as Aroma rice cooker). I also observed that the review system is more or less like a referral system only to a stranger and by another stranger. This meant that only the rice cooker with the best reviews was getting the most referrals, which meant more purchases. Brands therefore have to ensure that every year they come up with an innovative aspect on their rice cookers that will make it to the annual reviews so as to increase the overall sales for the rice cookers.

My List of the Best Cookware

My nieces are now engaged to be married, and suddenly I feel so ancient. I am accidentally a good cook, and this makes me the best person in the family to turn to for cookware advice. I have been using a non-stick cookware set that I received as gift about four years ago, and a stainless steel cookware set that I bought to replace the aluminum set I used to have. Though I have been checking on new types of cookware in the market, I have not bought them. I have, however, used some of them in the homes of my relatives or friends, since I invariably end up in the kitchen.
cookware set
I will just list a few of the cookware sets that I liked. I don’t know if they qualify as the best cookware around. However, they have impressed me.

The first to make to my list is the Circulon symmetry 11 piece hard anodized cookware, which is non stick cookware. I have included this set simply because of the hard anodized nature, which implies this will never need replacement like my non-stick cookware requires. There will simply be no warping, and it can be washed in dishwasher. The design makes it suitable for induction cooking as well as oven cooking. The silicon handles are not exactly perfect, but satisfactory I guess. You get a pouring saucepan of 1 quart in this, apart from 2, 3, and 8 saucepans with covers. The 3 quart saute pan provided also comes with cover, which is again good thing. There are two french skillets as well, i.e., one of 8.5 inches, and another of 10 inches. I think this set is the best for the price, and if my nieces are not willing to spend on this, we just might spend on this set for each of them, as their wedding gifts.

The second best option would be All-Clad’s 10 piece brushed stainless steel BD005710 D5. This one is a rather expensive set, so it would seem. The pieces in these lack the plastic handle, so I guess, cloth would be needed to lift the pots and pans. That surely is a negative feature here, for the cost. I find not details on whether these pieces can be used in oven, so I need to confirm that from somebody who has used them, I suppose. However, the set can be used on induction stove. As to non-stick nature, the set does seem a whole lot safer than many other types of cookware. It is made from the best quality material. I am not sure what 18/10 means but I am willing to take the word of the writer that this means something good. I presume the word D5 refers to five alternating layers of steel and aluminum. The fry pans in this set are of 8 inches and 10 inches. The saute pan has a cover, and is of 3 quarts. The saucepans however leave a lot to be desired. One of them is of 1 quart, the second one is of 3 quarts. There is absolutely reason for it to be as expensive, but I guess there may be a good reason that the set is popular.

The Swiss Diamond set perhaps would be the winner with my nieces. This set is expensive too, but looks divine. The pieces in this set are PFOA free, which is what I was looking for. These can also be heated more because they have diamonds in them. Really? Are we now into eating diamonds then? Over all there are two fry pans, one of 8 inches, and another of 9.5 inches, in this set. The saute pan is of 10 inches. Stock pot in this set is of 8.5 quarts whereas sauce pans are of 1.4 quart, and 2.2 quarts. I am not satisfied with the sizes of sauce pans in this set, but knowing my nieces, they would opt for this set for sure.

Having The Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

The last couple of years have been tough for us. My husband incurred heavy losses in his business, and we were forced to sell our home and all belongings and move into this one room apartment. The apartment consists of a large hall, a fairly large balcony, a small utility, a kitchen, and a restroom. We chose to buy it as we are not sure of cash inflows. But as you can see, I can’t possibly have a separate bedroom here. Therefore, I opted for air mattress, which we could fold during the day. Size mattered, and I preferred Instabed. This mattress is about 18 inches high.

When I found this air mattress in the list of best air mattress for everyday use, I was skeptical. There seemed nothing really different, and 18 inches height is not exactly what you look for in an air bed for everyday use. Moreover, it was expensive. It was also not famous enough as far as I knew. But my husband thought it is worth a look so we visited the store.


The best air mattress reviews mentioned it is sturdy, and that was the main reason I relented. But over a period of six months, I am glad I gave in. It is truly firm and supportive, which is what makes it ideal for everyday use. Its internal chamber has a special design which includes air coils. I am impressed with that. It is so comfortable because of the automatic pump, although the height is just okay. The salesperson told us that it is a new technology that will make the air bed always firm. She was right. I am glad about the internally built pump in this. This air mattress truly deserves to be in that list of best air mattress for everyday use because I have already used it continuously for six months by now.

My Reasons Why Owning An Elliptical Machine Is The Best Thing Anyone Can Do

Despite having heard from my friends how an elliptical machines is great for fitness, investing in one is one of the thing I had have never given some serious thoughts. I thought to myself that I rather hit the gym other than wasting my money on it. However; my perception toward these machines was soon to stop after I went through the best home elliptical reviews 2015. I decided to give it a try and days after going through the reviews, I was out in the market looking for the best elliptical machine for home use. Thankfully, at the end, I managed to get the best. It is now months since I bought it and here are my solid reasons as to why you also should be shopping for this fitness equipment soon.


Excellent workout

Looking at the way these machines have been designed, it looks like they were designed by people who have had a-not-so-good experience with a number of fitness machines in the past. Whether I just want to work on my knees, muscles or I want to go for a full workout, my machine works like charm.

It is for everyone

Another thing that strikes me about my elliptical machine is that it has been designed for all fitness levels and ages. It does matter if you have been exercising for years or you are just getting started, it is good for everyone. Take my case for example; a few days after I bought it, I was right on top of my game shedding off those extra pounds. The best part, it didn’t take me seconds to figure out how to use.

I can multitask

This is another biggest merit of elliptical fitness equipment; I can do other thing while exercising on it. Although you can do this with other exercise equipment, you can actually catch your favorite show on TV as you work out with so much ease. Moreover, you can even go through your favorite book as you do some workouts on it.

It takes less space

I have had treadmill in my home and you cannot even start to imagine the amount of space I had to sacrifice just for this equipment. However, compared to treadmill, despite the kind of things I can do with it, my elliptical machine has taken very little space. Whether you want to take it to your home gym, or into your bedroom, this machine will perfectly fit right in there.

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Things That Make Our Lives A Little Bit Easier

There are items I find necessary to have around. I’m speaking about those items that make our lives just a little easier, those that are applicable in so many situations.

You know what am talking about.

An example of such an item would be a phone or even a credit card. However, this is not the type of item I have in mind. I’m thinking of the less appreciated items like the your unfailing lawnmower or your air mattress.
The air mattress for example is an item that works in so many situations, one that almost everybody has.

I did a colossal amount of research to ensure the safety of my family by getting the best air mattress applicable to my situation. There are many known cases of children being suffocated between the air mattress and bed base. There are also many reports of poisoning by the very material that makes up the air mattress.

I use it for my bedroom or while out camping. This doesn’t mean that these are the only uses for the air mattress.
camp bed
The best part, I think would be the ability to deflate it. This means that I save up on space, inflating it while needed. Since I use it on so many occasions (I have in fact had to use it for visiting family guests visiting over the last Christmas holiday), I had to choose really carefully while purchasing it.

First I thought of it’s use, thereby determining it’s thickness. I had to choose one made of thick material since it would also be used in the outdoors where numerous objects could puncture it.

I also had to think of the type of person who would be sleeping on it. The sizes of my family members dictated the purchase of an air mattress made out of thicker material since my wife and kids use it too.

The fact that I chose a raised air mattress was a matter of personal preference, although it does make the mattress more comfortable.

However, I’m considering purchasing an air mattress made of thinner material for my children because it will in effect be supporting a lot less weight. Another consideration would be the size, as mine needs only accommodate two people at a time, I chose one three and a half feet wide.

The airbed mattress has many benefits. The most important would be it’s comfort, having relieved me of back pain that has been a problem for years.

Victorian Bathroom

I still remember my honeymoon trip to Ireland last year. Upon stepping over the threshold of our hotel chamber, I straightaway went into the bathroom to have a glimpse on bathroom design. To my surprise, it was breathtaking. The walls were painted in white, the white marble tiles, the egg-shaped bathtub,  the oval mirror, to name a few, were all beautifully placed in their positions.  The design depicts that of a Victorian style bathroom. The bathtub was placed directly to the outside view. The sight was spectacular. It was a romantic honeymoon. We got to spend so much time in the bathroom while enjoying the view. I then told my husband that we might need to spend some money on creating such a beautiful bathroom in our little ‘nest’. Needless to say, he said yes to my idea.

Pinterest is the platform I look for inspirations and ideas. If you are in my shoes, searching for a way to upgrade the look of your bathroom to a more sophisticated yet classy look. Then, this is it. The Victorian style bathroom is what you have been looking for.

Victorian Style Bathroom
An example of a Victorian style bathroom

It is easy to achieve. All you need is

  • White / Pastel colors paint
  • Wooden floor
  • Oval mirror 
  • White-colored basin
  • White bathtub
  • A few white towels
Oval Mirror
Oval Mirror






White Towels
White Towels


White Basin
White Basin

What I Have Been Able To Reap From My Juicer


For a world that has seen people slowing turning to fresh juice instead of those artificially made juice, I also have not been left out. A few weeks ago, just like my friends, I decided to buy a juicer after talking with friends about the benefits of this appliance. I was fascinated with the number of choices available; however, since I wanted the best, I decided to seek some kind of help or recommendations from my friends who have had these kinds of appliances before. They all suggested I first go through juicer reviews before I could make my choice. I did exactly what I was told and it is now over a month since I bought one of the best juicers in the market – the Breville BJE200XL, and here are a number of great thing I have been able to do with it.

First of all, being able to juice a glass or two of my favorite fruits or vegetable is one thing I love about my juicer. Unlike in the past when I used to drink those unhealthy juices found in our supermarkets, a juicer has enabled me enjoy what I love the most right in my kitchen; drinking healthy and fresh juice has become part and parcel of my life. That has not even been the best part; I can juice anytime I want; be it in the morning or in the evening I can enjoy a glass of my favorite. The kind of power it comes with is another thing; I can literary throw in anything and I have my juice within seconds.

Ultimately, if all that I have been able to get from my juicer is anything to go by, I would advise anyone to bring this juicing appliance to his or her kitchen. Go through the best juicer reviews today and single out the best for the benefits are far reaching.

How to choose a juicer:

Shopping for the best bread machine

There are so many bread machines in the market. I didn’t have this little, yet important piece of information until the day I decided to invest in a bread machine for home use. Of course, I had to exercise extreme caution to find the right bread machine for my home kitchen. Irrespective of the task being a daunting and confusing one, the wide variety to choose from worked very well for me. I also hate situations where my choices are limited.

As usual, the internet was very useful. In fact, most of my appliances are sourced from online stores. It’s pretty simple and even cost friendly. I only need to make several clicks, perform price comparisons, choose a seller, and my product is dropped at my house. One of the things I love about the internet is the readily available customer reviews. I heavily rely on the experience of other clients on a given product.


When shopping for my bread machine, I knew that reviews would also be very resourceful. In that case, I searched for the best bread machine reviews, of course after building a list of prospective bread machines. It would be unwise of me not to tell you some of the factors that I considered when selecting the machine. For me, the price, the size of loaves, and the program and settings were very critical.

The only thing that I needed to finally decide was the brand. I must tell you that there are so many in the market- you will actually be overwhelmed. At this point, I depended on bread machine reviews. I have always found it practical to read the stories or experiences that other people have had while using an item I intend to purchase. In any case, I would be too naïve to take the word of the manufacturer or the seller.

More often than not, the seller only talks about the advantages of the product. They make it appear so perfect, yet this isn’t always the case. On the other hand, reviewers, especially the ones who aren’t doing it for money, tell things as they are. I would rather buy a product whose challenges I am aware of than get frustrated from an item that I considered flawless. Well, eventually, I managed to purchase a bread machine I deemed appropriate for my home use. It’s been one year since I bought my bread machine. So far, I can’t complain.

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Product reviews have always been extremely helpful

Coffee is my favorite drink, apparently. During the days that I don’t take several cups, one can easily tell that something is actually amiss. For this reason, I have found myself spending so much cash on my favorite drinks- especially when I have to work from my office. I have a small office in town where I attend to my online clients. Sometimes, my house doesn’t provide the ample environment needed to handle the nature of my job. Just recently, I did my maths and I decided that I wasn’t going to buy any more coffee while I am working from my office.


Don’t be mistaken; there is no way I am abandoning my coffee! No way, this isn’t happening anytime soon. Not even when my doctor says I should. Anyway, I figured out, owning an espresso machine is a more economical approach. I have one at home, but my husband wouldn’t really like it if I had to carry it to the office every other day. Besides, it’s also too tiring.

This meant finding an appropriate espresso machine and sourcing it as soon as possible. Of course, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. When my husband and I were buying the one we use at home, we heavily relied on customer reviews. They were very helpful at the time. The fact that there are so many brands and types of espresso machines in the market, made it extremely difficult for use to make the final decision.

Of course, we paid attention to important factors such as the size, the costs involved, effectiveness and numerous others. At the very least, these elements helped us compile a list of prospective espresso machines. At that point, we needed to hear or rather read the best espresso machine reviews. That way, we could gather as much information about the machines as possible. Keep in mind that these customers must have used the machine, and thus have firsthand experience.

In my opinion, the best reviews are the ones that show both the negative and positive aspects of the product. As a matter of fact, there is no product that is perfect. This means that customer reviews that are purely positive might have been fabricated. My husband and I were very careful to read a number of reviews of varying types and sizes of espresso machines. When shopping for an espresso machine for my office, I used the same approach.

I haven’t regretted until today. It’s been close to three months and I am almost sure that I made the right choice. Besides, its economic advantage is already becoming manifested.

Renting a serviced office space eliminated the small fry image for good

Like many start-up entrepreneurs, I had my fair share of teething problems when starting my business. I converted a section of my home into a reasonable size office space and as the business grew another room was incorporated. This area was used for meetings and consulting clients. I considered it a worthwhile investment at the time as I was saving considerably on overheads and the hiring of office space.

Virtual Office - London - virtual offices, virtual assistants and serviced offices
Virtual Office – London – virtual offices, virtual assistants and serviced offices

We all know that paying monthly rental is not only a major headache for startups it also often leads to the eventual closure of the business if progress is too slow.Although the growth was steadily increasing, I became unhappy with the office location and felt that the business would get a much bigger boost if meetings could be held in one of those boardrooms that oozed prestige, success and achievement instead of in my dingy room.
During one afternoon, while having lunch with a friend, this topic of discussion came up. He suggested renting a serviced office space that took care all of my needs at a highly affordable rate. As the words spilled from his mouth I envisaged the bright sliver lining on my dark cloud and all the profitable possibilities that could flow from it.

It took about a week to secure the ideal company. Their resources are simply magnificent and I feel like the high flyer but without having to bear those exorbitant costs. Since renting the serviced office space I could actually get in some much needed gym time as a highly skilled and professional receptionist takes care of all the calls and appointments. This level of competency certainly jacked up my establishment. She is shared with other small timers as myself and so is the magnificent boardroom. The latter is equipped with the latest technical gadgetry. The small guy can certainly swim with the big fish at the the fraction of the cost if you know how.

Why I Would Highly Recommend That You Try The Best Sewing Machine

Before I even tell you why you need to get yourself the best sewing machine, sewing actually is not one of those things I liked in the past. From my tender age, I watched my mom sew every single night, and what she went through over and over still clear in mind mine, doing this kind of work is one thing I promised myself that it would the last thing I would do. However, on a rather interesting note, this mindset was soon to change immediately I got married and my first son born. Being a stay at home mom, I was actually idle most of the time and had nothing to do at. I talked to my husband about it and after a very lengthy silence, I was shocked with what he suggested; he recommended I go for a few sewing classes and he will buy me the best sewing machine and I start doing some few projects on my own. I didn’t actually blame him for this; he also saw his mother do the same until the time when she passed on a few years ago.


It is now over three years since I went for my sewing classes and got my first sewing machine, and I really thank God for my husband. Everything as changed for the better; for example, unlike in the past, we do not take our kids’ clothes to the tailor for everything is now well handled at home by me. That has not even been the best part; my neighbors have grown fond of my work. For example, on a good day, I receive well over 10 sewing projects that people need to be done and of course for a price. However, without the best sewing machine this could not have been made possible. The kinds of features the machine comes with are great. I can do any project perfectly and within the shortest time possible. Interestingly, I don’t even go through what my mom went through.

A Gift for Our Anniversary

When we moved to Denver to be near our son and his family, we bought a house in the suburbs a few miles from his home. It was in a wooded area, and it was located at the foot of a hill with a lake nearby. It all seemed well for the first few months, but as winter progressed, the sitting area and the rooms on the upper floor became unbelievably dry, especially after we turned the thermostat on. Our son visited us often, and one day he suggested that we get a humidifier to make the place more comfortable. Our anniversary was a few weeks away, and he said that he would gift us one of the best available in the market on that day.

We received the humidifier on the morning of our anniversary. It was a cool-mist humidifier and quite easy to instal. My husband placed it near the corner where the sectional sofas were placed. We waited that evening for our son and his family to join us for dinner. They came in quite late since our daughter-in-law was busy in a meeting at her office that afternoon. I had cooked a full 5-course dinner, and we spent nearly an hour at the dinner table planning a vacation to Mexico next month. After we cleaned the table and washed the dishes, we went to sit in the drawing room to catch up on the latest David Letterman show. That’s when my husband switched on the humidifier.


There was a soft purr when the machine started, but that was about all. It didn’t make a single sound after that. The room got comfortable within a few minutes, and within 5 minutes both our granddaughters had fallen asleep. Within half an hour, my husband started snoring softly in his couch, and my son didn’t even last half the show; he excused himself and went to sleep upstairs. Me and my daughter-in-law watched the entire program, cuddled up the kids and took them upstairs to their father when it ended, woke up my husband and asked him to go to the bedroom downstairs, and we sat late through the night catching up on latest gossips in the family and her office.

The next day was a Sunday. All of us woke up quite late. After a hearty breakfast and before going to the lake fishing, we stopped near the humidifier for a moment. We all agreed that it was wise to buy the best humidifier available in the market since we realised that we hadn’t slept this well in a very very long time. In fact, we decided to get a similar model within a week for the room upstairs to make it as comfortable as the sitting room. Our son promised to gift this one to us as well, since he said that would be perfect compensation for the fabulous dinner I cooked last evening. Lucky parents us to have a son like ours!
We used the humidifier all through the winter. My perennial sinusitis that would peak during the winter months got relieved, my nasal passages were better lubricated, I no longer had nosebleeds that would be a regular feature during winters, and the best thing was my husband’s snoring was no longer that awful. I later got to know that water would be passed over a wick within the humidifier, and the vapor so formed would add to the moisture content in the environment. We sailed through the winter months like never before, thanks to both the humidifiers we had at home.

Information I read:
Humidifier for Health – Mayo Clinic

Christmas Memories

I know, it’s been a while since Christmas passed, but I’ve been busy so it took me this long to post these photos.

dinner preparation
I’ve always been excited about the Christmas dinner since I was little, even now. I don’t cook it; my Mum does. I really just don’t fit in the kitchen.

diy trees
I’m more into home decor, as you may already know. So here are the little DIY Christmas trees that I made!

Half the fun is spending Christmas with the children. When they open their presents…it just brings back sweet memories from the past, doesn’t it?

christmas drink
Certainly, Christmas must not be spent without a drink. Or two. Make that many.